Sagittarius New Moon: Adventure


I attended a Sagittarius New Moon circle tonight at my beloved yoga studio where my training was held with the circle put on my a dear friend of mine. With it only being a few days into the December month, I find I am already getting wrapped up into Christmas gatherings and holiday parties that tonight circle was exactly what I needed.

The Sagittarius circle theme was to embrace the next adventure and set out with a mindset of optimism. I love this theme as I have been considering a lot of transitional life decisions lately and struggling with what the right choices.

The recent Sagittarius New Moon occurred just yesterday on December 6th. The ruling planet for this new moon is Jupiter and provides an offering of expansion to dream beyond our usual limits.

Each new moon is a time for death and rebirth; to shed anything that isn’t serving us and set intentions to bring in new. The moon’s alignment sits in line with the sun and is the only time during the 29-day lunar cycle that the Sun’s and Moon’s vibrations combine which helps amplify our individual energy.

We’re now entering the light-filled period of Sagittarius. After the dark filled period of Scorpio, this period should feeling freeing and fresh. During this cycle, embrace your curiosity and sense of wonder. Seek new insights to old problems.

Sagittarius season will also remind us to look at the positive side of life. Accept the recent struggles or hardships and maybe even find a beauty in them. This is a time to go out and seek new adventures; new ideas, thoughts, dreams, and experiences.

If you would like to set up your own moon circle and create a space for intention setting, I encourage you to try the following:

  • Pick a space, inside or outside, that feels centered and stable. Try to find a calm, quiet space that is removed from any distractions.
  • Place candles, crystals, and other items within this space – maybe even creating an altar in front of you or circular shape around you. These items will help call the energy of new beginnings.
    • Your own attention and energy is the most important element during this time so don’t get too wrapped up in the items.
  • Items can be of the purple or raspberry color, pentagon shape, leather fabric, or scents of cinnamon, vanilla, or frankincense.
  • Feel free to expand this circle to a group or just solo.
  • Start with reviewing the astrology of the night and what this season will mean for you. This can be a time to start formulating your intention for the next 29 days.
  • Ask yourself the following and either simply think of the answers in your head or journal and jot down your thoughts:
    • What untruths do you tell yourself that could be holding you back from being your fully expansive self?
    • How do you approach new experiences; excitement and joy or fear and worry?
    • What makes you feel expansive and how can you add on to this in your life?
  • If in a group, feel free to go around and share. No one needs to feel obligated to speak.
  • Additional but not required is using cards to expand on the intention setting for the season. These cards can be tarot, Goddess cards, animal medicine cards, or any other deck that you feel fits.
  • Finish with the circle with meditation.

My intention for this season is calmness and clarity as I move into these new experiences and reminding myself to stay optimistic as I move through these adventures. I would love to hear if you’ve held or attended a Sagittarius New Moon circle and your intentions for this season. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section of this post 🙂

Namaste magnificent beings.

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