Mellow Flow.

I’m home for the holiday and like many of us we’re going to get quickly wrapped up into the many festivities and activities. But this season I’m committed to flowing each day, even if for a short time. I’ve constructed a 15 minute flow for those days that I can’t fit in a full practice. I’ll be practice this flow myself as well as teaching to my family members but am sharing to the community to share the yoga spirit. Feel free to tweak this sequence to fit what YOUR body needs on the day your practice. I’d love to hear your experience too 🙂

  • Seated Meditation: sit tall, relax the shoulder, close your eyes and tap into your breath.
  • Child’s pose: stretch you arms out long and spread your fingers.
  • Table Top: hands under shoulders & knees under hips. Move through a few rounds of cat/cow, then start to circle your hips and move into organic movement for what your body is calling for while in table top.
  • Thread the Needle: (Still in table top) Rise the right arm to the sky on an inhale. On the exhale thread the right arm under the left should and sink into the stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Puppy pose: With hips remaining over the knees, walk the arms out while sinking the chest to the ground. You can rest either the forehead or chin to the ground.
  • Push into Child’s pose to counter Puppy.
  • Move back into Table top and push up into plank. Engage the core while in plank. Push back into Downward Dog. Flow between plank and DWD three times slowly while connecting to the breath.
  • Finish with an exhale in DWD. Tiptoe the feet to the hands coming to forward fold. Slowly roll up to stand with the head being the last to rise.
  • Move through Surya A two times.
  • Move through Surya B.
  • Inhale arms over head. Interlace fingers and move into a side bend on each side. Release the fingers and cactus the arms on an exhale. Can slightly bend the upper back coming into a slight back bend.
  • Inhale, arms up and exhale, forward fold. Slowly roll down to a seated position and lower slowly onto your back.
  • Set up the feet around four inches from hips, hip-width distance apart preparing for bridge.
  • Inhale, rise arms over head while lifting hips into bridge. Exhale, release hips down and move arms along side. Repeat three more times.
  • Hug the knees into chest. Exhale release knees to the right (Supine Twist). Hold for 5 rounds of breath. Inhale knees to chest and repeat on opposite site.
  • Extend legs out.
  • Savasana.

Namaste loves!

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