Hour Vinyasa Flow.

Yesterday evening, I put on a Vinyasa & Vino yoga class for the community at a local Clubhouse over in North Beach. It was so much fun to see friends and new faces and all that attended were such inspiring yogis. The flow was very smooth and I paired it with the Power Flow Playlist I shared last week on here with a few adjustments for time. The group was able to enjoy some light socializing, snacks, and wine afterward which made for a really delightful Thursday evening.

I wanted to share the class sequence here for you all to try out at home and I’m always welcome to feedback for how you modify the practice for your own style ūüôā Knowing that written out sequence aren’t always the most inspiring and the fact that I’ve received a handful of request for video tutorials of sequences, I’m happy to announce that a few¬†are in the works and I’m so excited to share soon! But for now written directions will be my go-to. So grab a small glass of wine and enjoy. Namaste.

*Note, I do not note the breathe or duration of holds for poses but if this is helpful for you and your practice please let me know and I’d be happy to add.¬†

Vinyasa + Vino Sequence


Start to tap into your breathe here by giving each inhale and exhale a 4 count.

Bring right knee to chest and interlace fingers behind kneecap | Draw small circles with the knee starting to open up the hip. (Repeat on left side.)

Roll up to seated | Seated Staff pose (Dandasana) | Arm above your head | Side bend (both sides) | Forward fold reaching for shins, ankles, or feet.

Rise and move into Tabletop | Move through Cat + Cow following the breathe. | Return to neutral spine.

Rise the right arm to the sky | Thread the needle (Repeat on left side.)

Downward dog

Half Sun Salutations x3

Lunging Salutations

1st round : Cactus arms x3 | Simple Twist

2nd round : Runners Lunge | Half Splits | Move through x3

Surya A

Surya B

Warrior II | Reverse Warrior | Side Angle | Warrior II | Vinyasa

Warrior II | Reverse Warrior | Reverse Triangle | Triangle | End with Half Moon if in your practice | Warrior II | Vinyasa

Downward Dog | 3 Leg DWD | Stack the hips | Center the hips | Half Pigeon (Repeat on opp. side)

Seated Twist | Counter Twist (Repeat on opp. side)

Seated Staff pose (Dandasana) | Forward Fold (Paschimottansana) | Rise back up on an inhale.

Lift to Boat | Hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute | Release all the way to your back on an exhale.

Rolling Bridges x5 | End with Wheel if end your practice.

Release to your back | Spinal Twist on both sides

Happy Baby


The most angelic yogi from class last night in the back row.

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