Treat yo’self.

This time of year can be super exciting for some and daunting for others. I know for myself, I’m not a big Valentine’s person. I never got into the spirit of the holiday and maybe that’s because I never truly celebrated it with someone special enough. But this day doesn’t need to be about a specific significant other. We found that out with Leslie Knope’s infamous Galentine’s Day.

I think this holiday can be beneficial to celebrate everyone we love in our lives, including ourselves. Personally, I love to spend the day pampering myself, not just around Valentine’s Day, because every once in a while it is definitely needed to step away from all your hard work and show yourself a little love.

So if not today or tomorrow, in the next couple days treat yourself to a couple of the following:

  • Taking a bubble bath with candles
  • Enjoy a nice bottle of wine (maybe a little more than you’d normally spend)
  • Find a new book to indulge in
  • Treat yourself to a decadent dessert
  • Dress up nice
  • Get your nails done
  • Cook yourself a nice dinner
  • Spend an hour or two outside exploring (technology free)
  • Dance freely to a new playlist
  • Sit at a bar and talk to the person next to you
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Buy someone coffee or lunch

I hope you enjoy your holiday no matter what you’re doing to celebrate and remember to remind yourself how amazing you are. ❤️

Namaste loves!

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