February Beloved Podcasts.

Small Doses with Amanda Seales: I found out about Amanda’s podcast last month from someone else obsessing over her on Instagram and THEY WERE RIGHT! Amanda is hilarious while also being informational. And I’ve been binge-listening every since. She covers a range of topics from the Side Effects of having a Crush to Toxic Masculinity. I can honestly say I love her and I probably literally LOL every episode.

Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda: I stumbled upon this podcast this month and I find it super soothing and easy to listen to while working. Alda’s interview style his guest (and also his voice) is very relaxed and the conversations are engaging and enlighting. Alda’s episodes are normally interview-style with a new guest each show. My favorites so far have been Sarah Silverman and Judge Judy.

Mile Higher Podcast: This is another podcast I found this month after I moved to Colorado and it just made sense that I couldn’t look over it. I was intentionally trying to take a break from murder mystery or suspense podcasts while I’m reading a suspenseful novel this month but I enjoy these topics way too much that I probably have an issue. The show is run by a husband and wife duo that start off each episode with covering a few recent news topics and then diving deeper into a large topic like a conspiracy theory or murder mystery. I’M OBSESSED, OKAY?

PaleOMG: My mother actually turned me onto this podcast. She’s been listening for a while now and has always been encouraging me to check it out. Well, that didn’t really happen until our three-day-drive to Colorado when she just turned it on because she was “getting behind”. The show is ran by a gal out of Denver named Juli and she also has a great blog and Instagram account that correlates with the podcast. I really enjoy her different recipes, health tips, and workout routines. If you’re looking for some motivation while working for that summer bod, Juli has you covered!

All of these podcasts can be found on Spotify or the Apple Podcast app with the exception of PaleOMG that I’ve only found on the Apple Podcast app. I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you check any of these out or if you have recommendations for me for my next month’s round of Podcast!

Happy listening!

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