Aries New Moon: Warrior

Photo from the wonderful Spirit Daughter.

Is anyone else feeling the intense emotional turning during this new moon? Oofta. Seriously.

We’re at the beginning of the astrological year, the season of spring, and with a Fire sign none the less. Aries brings us fresh energy to recenter ourselves as well as provides us the drive to take us where we want to go with new intentions. It’s a time to really listen to your gut, take action and think later (I’m probably too good at this already).

“Let the changes breathe. Let the patterns break. Bigger pictures are beckoning.”

Aries energy can evoke the inner warrior in us during this new moon, which is occurring this Friday (US), April 5th. Which means this is a great time to confront our fears or conquer tasks or experiences that typically scare us. This can truly build the fire within us and build personal power.

Mars is also influencing this time during the dark moon so we may witness the shadow side of Aries, where we might tap into our childlike behaviors; being defensive, throwing tantrums, emotionally demanding, rage.

During this time, find what truly is frustrating you and determine what you can implement in your life to dimish or work with these feelings to help benefit you. The recent full moon in Libra was encouraging us to look into the relationships in our lives where Aries is now tapping into taking time to examine ourselves and have self-growth. If you’re spending time recently focusing on others too much, you may find your energy is drained or burnt out. You may even be dealing with emotions of rage or anger.  This might be your unconscious child behavior that is reflecting onto others when really you just need to take time to turn inward.

How are you feeling during this time? Is any of this news really resonating or maybe completely opposite of what stage you’re currently at? I’d love to hear!

Happy Aries new moon everyone!


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