ACTA Wear Review.

If you’ve been following me for awhile on Instagram (@ashraeeiningyoga) then you’ve known of my partnership with ACTA Wear. I’ve been testing out the items for about a year and half now and am a HUGE fan. I also clearly am a fan of pink, green, white, & black of their items 🙂

I’m sharing my thoughts on each item, what fitness item I would wear them for, & if I’d buy them again. If you’re interested in any of these same items or other products ACTA Wear provides, my code ASHRAEEINING will provide you 15% off at checkout!

First two outfits:

  • ACTA Renew Vest Bra: One of my favorite recent items I’ve ordered, this top is very flattering for smaller chests. I also am a huge fan of the back detailing. I would wear this top for a barre class or non-heated yoga class.
  • Smoke High-waisted Shorts w/ Liner: I’m very picky with shorts and these are not a top pick of mine. I would wear them lifting but wouldn’t for running, hiking, or classes since they would ride up quickly.
  • Sunset Seamless Pro Bra: I was surprised how much I love this bra. The way the straps lay across the shoulders is super flattering. I’d wear this bra for any fitness activity or under a crewneck sweater or hoodie.
  • Sunset Seamless Leggings: The material of the seamless leggings are a bit itchy for me so I find myself not wearing these as much. I would wear these for outdoor fitness like running or hiking in colder temps.

Final two outfits:

  • Sage Legacy Windbreaker: My all time favorite item from ACTA is this windbreaker. It is almost always on backorder by definitely worth the wait because it is super, super cute. I wear this item after cardio workouts or just over thin sweaters when running around town to get errands done.
  • Flame INLUX Base Bra: I get soooooo many compliments on this color and it definitely pops on camera when I’m teaching my virtual classes. Million times would order this whole set again. 10/10 on quality, feel of the fabric, and movement ability.
  • Flame INLUX Leggings: The only negative I have for the leggings since I love them just as much as the bra is this color does show through for darker undies and is very tight fabric (I personally prefer tighter material but I know this bugs some). I would wear this set in non-heated classes.
  • Seamless Ribbed Tank Bra: My second all time favorite item from ACTA is this cropped Tank Bra. I wear this item all the time and I find it super trendy dressing it up with a cardigan and jogger pants.
  • Sage Seamless Marl Leggings: The seamless material still has the itchy factor I shared above for the Sunset set but I am so impressed by the Sage color that I look past this factor when wanting to wear this set. I really like to wear this color for teaching since it is a lot more fun than the common black leggings.
  • Sage Seamless Marl Long Sleeve: The crop long sleeve is nice to wear over tighter tank tops. This item is not available but I would recommend the Moss Flux Long Sleeve in it’s place if you are looking for a similar item.

Overall, I’m very impressed with my experience with my ACTA items and I’ll definitely continue to order more items. In the future, I’ll lean towards the INLUX and Flux products because I’m a huge fan of the feel of the material. If you have any questions or looking for recommendations for certain activities, I’d be more than happy to help!

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