Memorial Weekend Side Dishes.

I LOVE Memorial Weekend! It feels like the official start of summer and kick off to the warm season, water activities, hiking, BBQs, and everything outdoors. I’m also a huge fan of all the food that comes along with this season. My two favorites – cool dips and salads, and I’m sharing two of my party specialities. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of approval on these two dishes at get togethers.

Caprese Salad:

Grab yourself some mozzarella pearls, diced cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar. I throw all my ingredients in a Pyrex glass dish, seal the lid, and shake it around. Serve on the side of burgers, chicken breast, tacos… pretty much anything that comes off the grill!

Corn Dip:

Mix together a can of corn, feta cheese, diced cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and fresh squeezed lime. Just like my salad, I throw this all in a Pyrex glass dish, seal the lid, and shake. Serve this as a dip with tortilla chips or use as a salsa topper for tacos. So yummy and fresh!

These are guaranteed crowd pleasers or a nice late night snack after a day of outdoor adventure!

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