Crystal, Gems + Stone series:

Selenite gets its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This selenite meaning is easy to see when it reflects light, often appearing as a rock fallen directly from the moon. This crystal is powerful in healing and meditation. It’s feminine energy has many powers and benefits.

Selenite, also known as satin spar, desert rose, or gypsum flower are four crystal structure varieties of the mineral gypsum. These four varieties of gypsum may be grouped together and called selenite. Found often in Australia, Greece, Mexico, and the US, and has a milky sheen that illuminates from the surface. You might commonly see Selenite come in stick or rod forms and also the polished form, known as “cat’s eye”.

Selenite is one of the most important tools in metaphysical wellness worker’s arsenals. The powerful vibrations of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras. It brings clarity to the mind and a halo of calming peace. It’s excellent during meditation because it connects with cleansing white light vibrations.

How to use Selenite:

  • Cleansing
    • Excellent gemstone cleanser.
    • If you feel that the energy of a certain stone is dull or less vibrant than it used to be, clear it using selenite. If you have a large selenite block, you can lay your other stone on top of the block overnight to recharge.
    • If you have a selenite wand, you can set your other stone beside it for the same duration of time until the energy has been rejuvenated.
    • I prefer to set mine on a windowsill under a full moon and place other gems around it to recharge and cleanse simultaneously.
    • Recharge selenite with full moon light, prayer, & gratitude.
  • Amplify energy
    • Connects with white light vibrations.
    • Can enhance flexibility and awareness.
    • It can be used in tandem with other stones to amplify and manipulate the intended effect.
    • For reiki practice, you’ll need both a wand and smaller stones to place at the chakra points.
      • The wand should be used before you begin the reiki to clear the negativity and tension. Hold the wand above their body and bring it down from head to toe moving along the spine.
      • After reiki, close the session by placing the small stones on the chakra points to align and balance their harmony.
  • Harmonizing Meditation
    • Clearing energy.
    • If seated, place in one or both palms or nearby while meditating.
    • If lying down, use a selenite wand over the chest, with one end pointed toward the crown chakra and the other pointed toward the root chakra. Repeat a mantra, such as: “I take in the light, I am the light.”

Do you enjoy using Selenite or have you never used the gem before and are intrigued by it? I’d love to hear your personal preferences!

Have a wonderful Monday loves!


Basis to Chakras.

The chakras or force-centres are points of connection in which energy flows from one vehicle or body of a man to another. – C.W. Leadbeater, The Chakras

The seven colors of the rainbow represent an alternative to our binary black and white consciousness. The rainbow of seven colors express how light moves from source to manifestation through the chakra system in the body. These seven different colors represent the seven vibrational energy centers in the body, or as more well-known as the chakras.

A chakra is a center of organization that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy.

Aside from the seven main center points through the center of the body, there are also minor chakras in the hands, feet, fingertips, and shoulders. It is the seven major chakras I list below that correlate with the basic states of consciousness.

  • Muladhara: Root
    • A healthy first chakra allows a person to be energetically grounded.
    • To Be Here
    • Physical Identity
    • Fear Demon
  • Svadhisthana: Sex Organs
    •  The second chakra starts to encounter the watery realm of emotions and sexuality.
    • To Feel
    • Emotional Identity
    • Guilt Demon
  • Manipura: Solar Plexus
    • If our grounding is strong and solid and the natural flow of emotion and movement is not thwarted, then we have the means to convert energy into action.
    • To Act
    • Ego Identity
    • Shame Demon
  • Anahata: Heart area
    • In the heart chakra, currents come to perfect balance in the center of our being where we enter the mystery of love.
    • To Love
    • Social Identity
    • Grief Demon
  • Vissudha: Throat
    • The fifth chakra enters the symbolic world of the mind where words, images, and thoughts manifest.
    • To Speak
    • Creative Identity
    • Lies Demon
  • Ajna: Third Eye
    • The brow chakra, or third eye, we can see where we are now, where we have been, and predict where we are going.
    • To See
    • Archetypal Identity
    • Illusion Demon
  • Sahasrara: Cerebral Cortex
    • The seventh chakra is the final frontier, the consciousness.
    • To Know
    • Universal Identity
    • Attachment Demon

This is the slightest drop in the pool of all the chakra knowledge and in further posts I plan to dive into each chakra more in-depth. Understanding how to work with chakras can help you to achieve new levels of health and well-being, improve your relationships, and even assist in your spiritual growth and development. So here’s to future growth!

Namaste, loves.