How to start Gratitude Journaling.


I’ve been holding onto this post for a while. It hasn’t felt like the right time to publish it until now.

The world will constantly be a combination of good and bad. And man, does it feel like there is a lot of heavy situations going on lately. But I’m here to tell you that there is a lot of good in this world as well. I know it might not feel that way as we watch the news, listen to the radio, or scroll through our social media feeds lately. But we can always focus on the good in the world and there are always good things to focus on.

Read that last sentence again.

A baby is being born, a close friend gets engaged, a family member beats cancer, or it’s simply sunny and beautiful outside. If you’ve been around here a while you know I’m also one to tell you not to bury your emotions but there is a way to process your emotions and turn those heavier feelings into something to be grateful for. I’ve been re-reading Tim Desmond’s ‘How To Stay Human In a F*cked Up World. I purchased it this last fall when I was going through a very difficult time period. For most people, sometimes it feels imposible to get through certain situations in life but personally, I find enlightenment in focusing on progress, even if it is the tiniest step of progression. So I purchased this book and it continues to be one of my staples I pull off the shelf and skim through.

Desmond mentions that ‘bringing up pain and holding it with compassion leads to transformation’. You can sit with this said pain through meditation but another way is gratitude journaling. I’m a big fan of journaling as a practice to process emotions, make decisions, and work through trama. I’m also a big fan of gratetitude journaling for difficult times so you don’t feel the world is weighing down so much on you.

Below is a few prompts that can help start a gratitude journaling practice. All you need is a pen and paper then allow the prompts to guide you in topics to write about. Not only does gratitude journaling take your mind off negative or impactful thoughts but it allows you to focus on things that will bring your mind enjoyment and actively releases stress and tension from the body.


  1. Someone you are grateful for
  2. A food you are grateful for
  3. A place you really love
  4. A treasured experience
  5. A skill you are grateful for
  6. A teacher or mentor who made a large impact in your life
  7. A trip you love to look back on
  8. A meal or dessert you can’t get enough of
  9. Your favorite birthday or holiday memory
  10. Your favorite books you’ve read
  11. A lesson you learn that made an impact
  12. Your favorite movies
  13. Your favorite smells
  14. Someone who believes in you
  15. Your favorite place
  16. Your favorite pet
  17. A activity you love to do
  18. Music that makes you happy to listen to
  19. Something that relaxes you
  20. An activity that makes you feel alive
  21. Your favorite memory from your childhood
  22. A goal you’ve achieved
  23. A person who makes you laugh
  24. An answered prayer
  25. Something you’ve created that makes you feel proud

Another way to start a gratitude journaling practice is to purchase a guided journal. My favorite brand is Ink & Volt. There are also endless options across Amazon and what I love is that you can find different options for women, men, and even teens and children.

I hope you enjoy your gratitude journaling practice & I would love to hear how it impacts your life!

Be Merry.

It’s a tough time of the year for many. You’re running around, finishing up your holiday shopping, baking every treat under the sun, socializing with people you don’t see any other time of year, wrapping up as much work as possible to be able to clock out for the next while, setting resolutions to better yourself in the new year, and all while trying to stay holly and jolly.

Being the most wonderful time of the year, it also can be the most stressful. But we can easily tap into our gratefulness and happiness so we don’t get bogged down by the many demands of the holiday season.

I encourage you to try out one or two of the tips listed below during the next few days and check in with how you feel afterward. A simple moment to yourself can be all the difference in making this season merry and bright.

Tips to stay grateful and zen: 

  • Slow down. Pause at any movement when you’re feeling overwhelmed; sit/stand tall, close your eyes, and take 5 deep rounds of inhales & exhales.
  • Take a bath. Light some candles, turn on some low music, drop in some smell-good oil, turn off the lights, and just chill.
  • Put together a puzzle. Sit in a quiet room (maybe some low music) and just focus on the puzzle and don’t worry about your to-do list for a short break.
  • Get outside and breath in the fresh air. If it’s not too cold and icy, take a walk.
  • Treat yo’self. Go get a massage, hair done, manicure, pedicure, or spray tan. Something that is just for you.
  • Read a fictional book. Drop into a story that allows you to check away out of reality for a short time.
  • Dance. Turn on some music and just move your body in any way that feels good.

Happy Holiday loves.